The Purist

You like structure and follow the rules! You like things to be done in a timely manner and never change the way you live. Now is your time to let go and allow yourself to grow!

As a Purist you love structure! You are more than not follow the rules and like things to be done a certain way. Very rarely do you color outside the lines!

Getting things done in a timely manner and never change the way you live. This is how you became successful and how you prefer to move through life so things get done and you know day to day what to expect. You can get thrown off easily when things don't go as planned and can never wing anything.

All great attributes but it can lead to lack of self-confidence, dependency, fear and lack of pleasure. The problem with lack of pleasure is we end up sticking to things we are familiar with and fear keeps us from going after pleasure. This is because being structured keeps us from trying new things. Fear of failing and not knowing what to do when you normally do seems overwhelming and painful. But as a Purist you still seek pleasure unknowingly. You want it but not sure how to find it. Your answer comes back to staying structured and eventually you figure you will create what you need.

You go on diets or chronically diet because you like metrics. You need to know how much and don't care sometimes what it is you eat as long as someone tells you it is good for you. Your goal is a look, Lean, fit body and if you get off track you consider yourself a failure. You weigh and measure everything and end up getting bored of the food or the restriction and binge eat. This you may even do when no one is watching because it would tarnish the perfection image you have. This is why binge eating is something you find hard to give up. It allows you to be bad when no one is watching and won’t judge you.

When it comes to self--care it tends to revolve around hair, mani's, pedi’s, workouts and anything that achieves a look. This is amazing and think we should all do things that make us feel good this way. For the most part a Purist might not feel the need to do much more than that. But will get the occasional massage or do some form of therapy so as not to slow your workouts down.

You love to workout and they come before almost everything. You don't skip them often and if you do you diet harder or feel very guilty for it. You enjoy structured workouts where you can see progress with numbers. Weight-training is very appealing to you and like to be at the gym for more than an hour. You enjoy outdoor activities like sports or something that has meaning and purpose.

A Purist likes to spend time with family and friends but you need to plan it and not big on spontaneous social dates. Your structure as admirable as it is, causes you some grief. The lack of flexibility in your planning can cause you to lack pleasure in certain areas of life. This is where binge eating comes from and injuries can occur in workouts. You will stop listening to your body in order to stay on plan.

The stress of being perfect and fear of the unknown causes a stress response. This stress response automatically turns on your fight, flight, freeze. Which means you turn off your rest and digest. This leads to your body shutting off your Fat-Burning and also causes major gut issues. All this will directly affect emotions as well. So you end up chasing your tail. A Merry-go-round of unhealthy habits. Remember health is far beyond what you eat and how much you move.

Being rigid in life makes it tough to create fat-burning. You see it at first but after awhile you body gets adjusted and bored. It needs variety and craves it. The body requires progression and new experiences in order to thrive and change. Dieting is a curse for the purist who wants to stop binge eating. The restriction and lack of variety not only causes a bad relationship with food it also causes you to stop Fat-Burning over time. It can be very hard on the body and without variety your body will lack many needed nutrients.

Sleep is another issue but not lack of structure in your routine more lack of needed nutrients due to dieting and creating excessive urination at night. You probably even have a solid night time routine you just lack the eating habits to give you a sound sleep. Cutting carbs, fat and calories will kill your natural sleep patterns. Sleep is crucial to healthy body composition.  When you lack sleep you decrease the hormone leptin (appetite suppressing hormone produced from fat cells) and increases ghrelin (hormone released by the stomach) When these are off due to sleep, your body will think you want and need more food than you do.  It will also causes cravings.

You more than likely hold unwanted fat around your waist and lack the muscle tone you really want.  This can be from high cortisol levels or insulin resistance or both. The calories restriction is a sure way to harm the body and keep you from burning fat and having the body you want.

Besides those hormones causing hunger, you will also create major cravings and binge eating due to lack of pleasure and satisfaction in your own body.  Helping others feels great but never do it so much that you don't matter anymore. It is a Fat-Burning killer!

In order to create a body that Burns fat as a Purist, start following these steps and watch your body change:

  1. Start a food journal.  Write down every meal, when you ate, how you felt before and after.  Also ask yourself is what you ate what you really wanted. This is a great way to start creating intuitive eating and body wisdom.

  2. To reduce inflammation start increasing your Omega 3 fats dramatically!  Also eat foods high in antioxidants and I highly recommend a B-complex plus some adaptogens.

  3. Avoid strict diets and especially ones that have you cutting out carbs. Carbs aren't the issue in general, it is the type and amount and how you pair it, that causes the problem.

  4. Working out is suppose to create a feeling and support good health. When looking at your program it should be variable intensity. Low, medium and high. Avoid doing constant high intensity workouts. Take 1-2 rest days.

  5. I suggest doing short more intense workouts so you get your fix, 3 times a week and then doing yoga, or light cardio no more than 30 minutes on the other days.

  6. Take time throughout the day to slow down.  Ask yourself how you are feeling. What do you need?  Checking in with yourself will also help with creating that body wisdom you need. What are some things you always wanted to do and we're afraid to do? Do some things that are crazy and fun! Start coloring outside the lines!

  7. Avoid eating after 7pm.  Once you start dealing with your emotions and thoughts this gets easier.  Eating too close to when you go to sleep can be very disruptive to the digestive system and ruins sleeping patterns.

  8. Turn off all electronics about 1 hour before bed.  Take time to do some reading and journaling. What are you grateful for from your day?  What are your intentions for the next day? What affirmations will help you with a positive outlook? When doing intentions, add ones that have you doing things to nurture you and create pleasure. This will be uncomfortable at first but feels so good!

This is a lot to take in, I know.  All things you may not have thought of or have and just not doing it.  As you can see I didn't lay out what foods to eat and cut out. I didn't give a meal plan.  Why?  Because in all honesty it doesn't matter what you eat if you aren’t working on the above 8 steps.

Besides, we are all unique.  What I tell my clients to eat and cut out is based on their bodies!  Everyone is different and has different needs. So telling you on here what you should and shouldn't have would be a lie, and I am not going to do that to you.

My clients go through a system to find out their nutritional needs.  We work on gut health, use tools that will help sustain positive new habits for life, create a movement plan that you love and won't get sick of,  teach you mindful, intuitive eating so you never have to diet again and most of all how to let go of your limiting beliefs that brought you to this profile Fat-Burning formula.

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