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Learn a better way to a healthy & sexy body. Helping busy women ditch diets & dress sizes by taking the math & stress out of eating. Have more time to spend with family & friends in a body you love! Creating a better relationship to food all while eating what you love!


I follow her plan. and it's working!

With being a parent, I don't have as much time to focus on the gym and calorie counting.
6 weeks in and I've lost 5lbs without restricting my diet or taking crazy supplements and fat burners. I no longer look in the mirror and hate myself. It is' changing my attitude and I know I will get to my goals. It's really a change of mindset which actually does change your physique. It's the total opposite of what I thought before and I love it!

- Stephanie Ramono


Inspired Eating

Healthy eating is not a diet and I am here to help you discover that! Eat the foods you love and eliminate the math. Free up time to do things that really nourish your life. Food is not the problem! Ditch the diets and watch the dress sizes go down!


Inspired Movement

No need to hit the gym for hours every day. Learn how to exercise efficiently so you get the body you want in with less time. More movement, less stress and less excessive exercise. Learn purposeful movement and enjoy the journey!


Inspired Mindset

What we believe we become. In order to sustain the results you get with eating and movement, you must change your lifestyle habits. Learn how to change your thoughts & habits so you keep your results and live a happy life! You deserve that!


It's time to change your story!

A healthy and meaningful journey to an ageless body, sexy body. Now is your time! Learn how to eat, move and live an inspired life. Feel good in your skin all while having the freedom to live life on your terms!

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

My experience offers compassion and understanding so my clients are able to release self-judgement and embrace self-love.

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Sharing brings the greatest joys

My passion and love for what I do allows me to not only educate others but offer a commonality to their experiences. I hope you are able to learn and be inspired by what you read.

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Live a life you love!

Learn a better way to a healthy body and happy life! A mindful nutrition and exercise approach that is fun, easy and gets results! Create a Life you love with a sensible approach to your health!


I can’t believe I’m actually enjoying my meals and how easy it’s becoming.  It’s amazing how satisfy I feel after a balanced meal. I have never felt this before with food.  I have lost 8lbs so far and loving it!

— Veronica Lopez


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