Discover How To Get The Body You Want at Any Age!


Living Healthy without restriction and fad diets is possible! My step-by-step, 6 Week system gives you all the tools you need to live Agelessly with abundance and vitality!


There is a new girl in town, and that is YOU!!!!

You want to be full of vitality and prevent premature aging so you can live your best life! No more diets, no more militant exercise and no more self-destructive behaviour like negative self talk, binge eating, stress eating or just giving up because you are getting older.

In this 6 week program, you will learn exactly how to create your new story with my fool proof system to habit change and renew your body wisdom, so you start living your best life for life!

Most importantly you’ll know how to do it in a way that creates inspiration and pleasure so you stick to a healthy lifestyle without the need to start again Monday.


By joining THE WELLNESS FORMULA you will start learning and doing so you can…

  • heal your gut and start improving your metabolism by using my 3 step system to a healthy gut.

  • write your new story and live your best life.

  • stop dieting and eat mindfully.

  • balance blood sugar levels for more energy and and fat-burning potential

  • have a better relationship with food and your body.

  • avoid major health pitfalls and over-come challenges without falling into old habits.

  • manage stress so you become a fat-burning machine.

  • sleep more soundly.

  • have motivation to do all the things!!!

  • prevent premature aging and live with vitality.

  • Renew your body wisdom and purpose.


Here’s what people are saying….

The Wellness Formula gives you all the tools to be empowered about your own health. Carmen gives you the inspiration and accountability to take that first step towards change. All that is missing is you. What are you waiting for?!!
— Laura Knapp
I really enjoyed being a part of “The Wellness Formula”! I appreciated that Carmen taped sessions so that I could re-listen to sessions when I wanted clarification or take notes. I really learned a lot about how my body works and how external systems like stress and the foods I choose can really affect my health. I appreciated Carmen’s relaxed but knowledgeable approach to the topics. Her touching, personal anecdotes added a very real component to the program which made me feel that she was working with us not just instructing us. Thank you, Carmen for sharing your wealth of knowledge of fitness and nutritional health.
— Leigh Doucet
As someone who has always struggled with binge eating and years of gut problems the Wellness Formula was very informative and practical. Carmen puts a lot of work into the program and was always ready to answer any questions I had. Great knowledge to carry forward and implement in my life - thanks Carmen!
— T. M.

This Course Includes:

  • 6 Facebook Live Coaching Calls Starting Monday January 21st at 7pm.

  • 6 Modules sent out weekly to follow at your own pace.

  • The Wellness Formula membership access starting January 16th for your course work and downloadable worksheets.

  • Carmen Shawn Health & Fitness membership for 6 months (workouts, exercises, movement flows, recipes, mindset tips etc.)

  • Private Facebook group for support and accountability.

  • BONUS #1: Fit on the Fly: Workouts for home or on the go! ($50 value)

  • BONUS #2: The Inspired Meal Ebook: Helpful way to eat balanced without dieting. ($99 value)

  • BONUS #3: 14 Day Cleanse Ebook: A guide to cleansing without starving or restricting calories. ($299 value)

Each Week at a Glance…..

Week #1: Tummy love! Optimal health starts in the gut! Learn how to create a happy tummy with 3 easy to implement steps. Gut health = more energy, improved metabolism and moods!

Week #2: Creating habit change. This is the one thing lacking in health programs today! You can be told what to do, but without the right mindset and tools to create it, you won't sustain results and they sure won't be pleasurable. I help you break it all down. Enabling you to let go of what holds you back to make room for positive and nourishing habits.

Week #3: Mindful and Intuitive Eating. Skip the diet and start learning how to eat without counting calories, macros or points. Stop cutting out foods and restricting calories. Find out what foods work for you and how to create INSPIRED eating practices.

Week #4: Stress management. Part of the reason we feel drained and can’t lose weight is stress!  So we dig deep here to find the cause of your stressors.  What can be avoided and what you just need to be able to handle better.  I use tips and strategies that instantly make you feel in control again!

Week #5: Best sleep practices. One thing that goes down hill as we age is our sleep. Learn how stress, poor gut health and your habits at night ruin your sleep and how to have quality sleep no matter what!

Week #6: Personal Power and Purpose. As life passes us by and we spent most of it caring for others, we start to feel lost. Like a stranger in our own bodies. This quickly turns into poor choices, negative self-talk and beating our bodies up when it isn't her fault! Learn how to tap into your personal power and create a new and inspiring purpose!


The great thing about this program, is you can 100% work at your own pace! No pressure to make the Facebook live coaching calls (it is recommended so you can get the most out of it), they will be posted in the membership section the next day.

You will get a enough information to help you move forward to a healthy lifestyle but never overwhelming or hard to implement. The Wellness Formula helps you learn so you can start taking positive actions steps that fit your lifestyle and avoid dieting.

If you are looking to start FEELING better so you can start DOING better, this is the program for you!


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