Welcome to Week 4!

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How to progress your Workouts

Click here for some new recipes! Always a great way to add variety to your meals!

Are you looking beyond the scale?

When you are asked how things are going or if you are seeing changes, how do you respond? If you have been sticking to a plan for a few weeks you will absolutely see a ton of change. IF YOU CHOOSE TO SEE PAST JUST WEIGHT-LOSS!

This program is NOT a weight-loss program, it is a healthy lifestyle program that will give you the amazing outcomes of weight-loss, dropping dress sizes and loss in inches.

This is a journey not a quick fix or a race to the finish line. The problem with races is when you hit the finish line you stop. You raise your hands in the air and walk away with a victory. But are you hitting the track the next day to keep training or do you stop and go back to life as it was?

We are all here to create a life that is balanced and start feeling amazing!

So remember your mid - plan testimonials are due! What amazing changes have you noticed? How do you feel about what you are learning? How do you feel? What are things you want to celebrate that you weren't doing before but are proud of?

Please send a short testimonial to carmenshawnfitness@gmail.com.