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“When I met Carmen I had just turned 25 and was in my worst health yet, my body was screaming for help. With her guidance and the inspired meal I’ve gotten my health back on track. I’m going into my 8th week with Carmen and I’ve never felt better. I’m confident in my food choices and what I put into my body. I continue to develop more and more energy and have cut out coffee completely. Carmen has given me back control of my life.”

- Adriana Markovinovic


“I decided to bring my fitness to the next level with Carmen. I decided to partner with her due to her expertise in diet, hormones & overall experience in creating a fitness & nutrition lifestyles plans. I came to her 6 months before my wedding & she has been there to bring me to the next level. Going from 26% body fat to 19%.”

- Stephanie Romano

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“I can’t believe I’m actually enjoying my meals and how easy it’s becoming. It’s amazing how satisfy I feel after a balanced meal. I have never felt this before with food. I also went from 185 lbs to 177 lbs in 2 months! Thanks Carmen for teaching this family a balanced meal can be appeasing. and get results!”

- Veronica Lopez


Do it for yourself today! You deserve it!


Reset your body & mind so you never have to diet again!

It’s time to do something that has been proven to improve gut health, balance hormones & ignite your metabolism, plus create inspired eating, movement and mindset! All so you can have the body you want and feel great!


Why I developed The Inspired Method…

After 27 years in an industry that promoted strict diets & hard core exercise, I kept seeing the same patterns. 90% of those who diet gain all the weight back & more. I wanted to put a stop to this pattern & help women build a lifestyle that supports good health & have the body they want. The Inspired Method was designed to get rid of healthy living myths!


How The Inspired Method is different…

I firmly believe there is no “one-size fits all" diet. All the calorie counting, macro tracking, weighing and fad diets only lead to binge eating, emotionally eating and a very bad relationship with food and your body. What we need is a system that is specifically designed for your unique makeup and teaches you to become your own coach. Something that improves all aspects of health with inspired eating, movement and mindset. That's what this program does! Creates a lifestyle in a body you are proud of!


The Inspired Method isn't a diet program and cookie cutter workout. It’s a Life changing program. You get everything you need, nutrition, movement and mindset coaching, so you create your best body and life…. FOR LIFE!

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How I can help you!

After 27 years in the industry and going through my own health issues, I know what it is like to feel lost in your body. Hormonal issues, gut issues, weight gain etc. I was able to use my knowledge as a health coach and NLP practitioner to get myself out and start thriving! I also reached out for help so I had the support. Using all this, I developed a program to help women become whole again! You get the body and feeling you want, by healing your gut, balancing hormones, managing stress, improving sleep and becoming inspired in your journey! With the mindset coaching added in, you not only get results, you KEEP them!

Do you know you have an 80% better chance of succeeding with just more support or accountability? 


Get What you Long for……

You are a woman who wants to love her body and be the healthiest she can be! Loving your body and feel amazing all at the same time!  YOU CAN have the look and feeling you want, no matter your age!

You begin to notice all the ways your body supports you and it allows you to feel more gratitude towards your body. Start approaching your body as a relationship to discover rather than a problem to fix.

THE INSPIRED METHOD  can change your life! Here is how:

  • a proven system to improve gut health and balance hormones

  • create more energy and mental clarity with my Healthy Eating Blueprint that is specifically designed for your body type and goals.

  • a personalized movement plan that fits your lifestyle and gets your desired outcomes all while feeling inspired.

  • create a Wealthy attitude so you get your desired outcome and maintain it for life.

  • accountability and support so you follow through like you never have before.

  • downloadable worksheets, templates and trackers so you follow through like you have never before.

  • Access to me as your coach 24/7 plus our private coaching sessions where together we create a lifestyle you will be proud of


All of these things help you create better habits so you have RESULTS THAT STICK! Creating the body and feeling you dream of!

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12 week INTENSIVE or 24 Week LIFE CHANGING experience.

** Payment plans available upon consultation.

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This is the program for you if you are wanting to improve your health but tired of dieting!  You want to move better without a militant and aggressive approach to exercise.  You want enjoy life without feeling deprived or isolated.  You want to live happy and in Harmony!

This program  offers the best approach to help you succeed and create a life you love!

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