The Hustler

You are a very busy, successful leader. Your ambitions are important to you and your hard work always pays off. Now is your time to stop and smell the roses!

As a Hustler you are always on the go. You are a very successful leader. Your ambitions are important to you and your hard work always pays off!

You are more than likely an entrepreneur or have a very demanding career. You are usually very distracted and work very hard to have what you have and be where you are.

You are successful at everything you do. You are a natural leader and love to be busy. If you try and relax or sit still, you feel like you are slacking. Even though you are extremely successful, you have lost touch with what your body needs and can't seem to successful obtain the feeling and the look you want from your body and health.

Due to being extremely busy you find you don't get much family and friend time. This is something we don't realize but when we lack that contact, it ends up creating a lack of nurturing we need. You also don't have a lot of time for movement or exercise and when you do plan to do it, you cancel or fluff it off due to the need to get things done.

Eventually you hit a wall and either get sick or sleep for 15 hours straight. In your mind this is the time you needed to recharge and back at it you go. This constant non-stop movement causes a stress response. This stress response automatically turns on your fight, flight, freeze. Which means you turn off your rest and digest. This leads to your body shutting off your Fat-Burning and also causes major gut issues. All this will directly affect emotions as well. So you end up chasing your tail. A Merry-go-round of unhealthy habits. Remember health is far beyond what you eat and how much you move.

You often eat on the go or eat while doing work. You skip meals when you are busy because you aren't listening to the signs and messages your body is sending you. You eat out a lot and enjoy your coffee to help you get through your day. Sometimes drinking more than you should but your lack of food, stress and sleep, requires you to have constant “pick-me-ups". You eat fast and without being present in meals and most likely experience bloating and gut discomfort on a regular basis. You major food groups are whatever is easiest to eat at the time. You haven't ever really thought of the foods that make you feel good or not, you just eat to eat. You often eat under stress and do a lot of emotional eating. This is due to stress levels and lack of pleasure in your day.

You tend to focus your self-care on mani's & pedi's, hair and buying new clothes. A busy girl has to look good right?! You find even though you are always on your hustle, you don't get things done efficiently. Creating more and more stress.

Your workouts are usually group fitness classes or group programs and/or cardio. You like things that are intense and make you sweat. Plus it is easier for you to get in and out, no fuss no muss!

Your sleeping patterns are off due to a busy mind and lack of calmness. You will work until you go to bed or you are doing something until bed that is less than soothing. Whether it is watching TV, talking on the phone, or eating late at night.

You more than likely hold unwanted fat around your waist and back. This can be from high cortisol levels or insulin resistance or both. Poor sleeping habits adds to this amongst other things. You are tormented by high cortisol levels at night and your brain is never turned off. A busy mind never rests. Sleep is crucial to healthy body composition. When you lack sleep you decrease the hormone leptin (appetite suppressing hormone produced from fat cells) and increases ghrelin (hormone released by the stomach) When these are off due to sleep, your body will think you want and need more food than you do. It will also causes cravings.

Besides those hormones causing hunger, you will also create major cravings and emotional eating due to lack of pleasure and satisfaction in your own body.  Being successful and having ambitious goals is so important but without creating harmony, It is a Fat-Burning killer!

In order to create a body that Burns fat as an Hustler, start following these steps and watch your body change:

  1. Start a food journal.  Write down every meal, when you ate, how you felt before and after.  Also ask yourself is what you ate what you really wanted. This is a great way to start creating intuitive eating and body wisdom.

  2. To reduce inflammation start increasing your Omega 3 fats dramatically!  Also eat foods high in antioxidants and I highly recommend a B-complex plus some adaptogens.

  3. Working out will come much easier once you see your value and start making time for you!  Understand that cardio and intense workouts are only good when balanced with mindful weight-training and soothing exercise. Being intense without turning off, can be a nightmare for your adrenals. This in turn will have you in a bad place and ruin all your dreams. Finding a movement plan that creates Harmony so you aren't in stress mode all the time will start the Fat-Burning!

  4. I suggest doing your workouts first thing in the morning or at night.  This way you can get it in before you get distracted or others distract you. Starting your day with exercise and or stretching will create amazing feelings of accomplishment and confidence.

  5. Take time throughout the day to slow down.  Ask yourself how you are feeling. What do you need?  Checking in with yourself will also help with creating that body wisdom you need.

  6. Avoid eating after 7pm.  Once you start dealing with your emotions and thoughts this gets easier.  Eating too close to when you go to sleep can be very disruptive to the digestive system and ruins sleeping patterns.

  7. Turn off all electronics about 1 hour before bed.  Take time to do some reading and journaling. What are you grateful for from your day?  What are your intentions for the next day? What affirmations will help you with a positive outlook?

This is a lot to take in, I know.  All things you may not have thought of or have and just not doing it.  As you can see I didn't lay out what foods to eat and cut out. I didn't give a meal plan.  Why?  Because in all honesty it doesn't matter what you eat if you aren’t working on the above 7 steps.

Besides, we are all unique.  What I tell my clients to eat and cut out is based on their bodies!  Everyone is different and has different needs. So telling you on here what you should and shouldn't have would be a lie, and I am not going to do that to you.

My clients go through a system to find out their nutritional needs.  We work on gut health, use tools that will help sustain positive new habits for life, create a movement plan that you love and won't get sick of,  teach you mindful, intuitive eating so you never have to diet again and most of all how to let go of your limiting beliefs that brought you to this profile Fat-Burning formula.

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Carmen Shawn