Stephanie Romano

I didn't think my review of Carmen could get any better!

I have been training with Carmen for the past few years. Before I walked down the aisle she helped me sculpt and mould my body to be exactly what I wanted. Then I had a baby, and what I knew about my body fell apart.  It didn’t know how to react to food, my hormones were crazy, I was constantly depressed about ANY carb I ate, even if it was something like a sweet potato vs a cookie. I would binge in the middle of the night during my nursing days and feel horrible about it

But even after the new baby / new mom anxiety settled, I couldn't quite figure out how to lose the extra fat no matter what I ate and how much I worked out.

With being a parent, I don't have as much time to focus on the gym and calorie counting.

I came back to Carmen with all of that.

She put me on a new plan which took a "whole body health" approach. I'll admit I was a bit rude with her because I was skeptical. I wasn't looking for a health coach, I wanted the typical trainer to aggressively get me into shape.

However, Carmen convinced me to follow her plan. and it's working!  

6 weeks in and I've lost 5lbs without restricting my diet or taking crazy supplements and fat burners. It's a slower approach but I no longer look in the mirror and hate myself. It is' changing my attitude and I know I will get to my goals. It's really a change of mindset which actually does change your physique. It's the total opposite of what I thought before and I love it