Kathy Puzic

Why I chose Carmen was her personality. I first saw her on Facebook Live. She was relaxed and very knowledgeable. On top of her game!! She appeared authentic and seemed to really want her audience to know the truth of how eating well is not about dieting but of adopting a healthy approach to eating that can become a way of life and not something that is a struggle.

I felt she was a perfect fit for my personality type as I like to work with someone that is knowledgeable and very approachable.

I feel that I have grown leaps and bounds in so many ways. My eating habits have definitely changed. I have become very mindful of what, when and how I eat. It is almost like second nature now. I am careful yet not obsessed with the food I eat. I have created consistency in my new habits. My health has greatly improved and so has my energy levels as a result. That was one of my main goals when I first started working with Carmen.

All in all Carmen is such an encourager she literally makes you want to do your best. I have lost 3 lbs and what the scale isn't showing is how my clothes are much baggier, I feel slimmer, lighter and people are noticing