Stephanie Romano

Carmen is the most educated and experience fitness professional I have worked with. I have already gone through a major fitness revamp with another trainer – who I love and appreciate. I went from a size 32 to 26. Kept it off for 3 years. This year I decided to bring my fitness to the next level with Carmen. I decided to partner with her due to her expertise in diet, hormones and overall experience in creating a fitness and nutrition lifestyles plans.–

I should also mention that I came to her 6 months before my wedding and she has been there to bring me to the next level. Going from 26% body fat to 19%.

I work in an industry where eating out and alcohol consumption are indirectly part of the job – so it hasn’t been easy, but I have had her support and guidance to help me achieve my goals. She recognizes hard work and results but also kicks your a$$ when you need to get in gear. You want someone to push you. Rewards take hard work and she’ll make sure your do.

Not only has she helped me walk down the aisle with confidence – she’s provided me with the tools to maintain my fitness level and keep a balance lifestyle.  Stephanie is still a client and now working on her health goals after having a baby. 

- Stephanie Romano