Pinky Kaith

For nearly 8 years I was one to count calories to every single food I ate.  I refused to sway off my meal plan and if I did, I fell into the “self sabotage” hole punishing myself with liquid diets and extreme workouts following my binge.  

… Until I meet Carmen 2 years ago.  At that time, she was my fitness coach and taught me how I should eat for the body that I had, and for the body that I wanted to have and taught me how to enjoy the occasional treat meal guilt free (which was a huge emotional challenge for me). 

When Carmen told me she was making a career shift and will no longer be offering meal plans in the same way, I was initially taken back.  I was afraid and truthfully, couldn’t fathom how I would manage to eat without her telling me how (that’s how dependent I was on her guidance).   But, I trusted her and she told me that I needed to learn how to eat and appreciate food without following a piece of paper.

Deep down, I knew she was right, so I signed up with her for a health coaching session without a doubt because I knew she had my best interest at heart.

Never in my wildest dreams did I EVER think that I would learn to enjoy foods without counting macros or without the guilt, but I have in as little as a few weeks.  8 years of habit turned around with Carmen’s guidance in just a few weeks!

Here’s the best part, we don’t just focus on foods (which is my biggest weakness), we focus on mental rehearsal, how to cope and manage my stress, how to understand certain triggers and how to cope them.

I can truthfully say that today, I am in the best place spiritually, emotionally and physically then I have been my entire life and I owe it all to Carmen and her dedication towards a healthier me.

Thank you Carmen, for being YOU.

–Pinky Kaith