Jess Brady

I worked one on one with Carmen for six weeks this summer and am now continuing on into group coaching for six weeks.

I have had a life long battle with food, dieting, restriction, binge eating, poor body image, etc. etc.

I was looking to make a change from deprivation and a devastating cycle of restriction, binge eating and self loathing.  I had been following Carmen on social media and reached out to her for help.

The six weeks we worked closely together provided me with a lot of skills regarding mind set, stress management, exercise and overall steps to a healthier lifestyle.  I have been making conscious efforts to change the way I think about food, eating, exercising and what’s most important in my life using tools provided by Carmen.  I had a brief set back when we finished working together as accountability is key for me! but was able to get back on track quickly.

I no longer allow myself to spend time looking for a new miracle “diet”/training plan as quick solutions to my issues (which always result in failure and guilt anyway and ultimately bingeing). What I do is focus on resetting my behaviours and thoughts and focusing on a healthier happier life in my 40’s.

Thank you Carmen!

— Jessica Brady