Kathy Puzic

I feel that I have grown leaps and bounds in so many ways. My eating habits have definitely changed. I have become very mindful of what, when and how I eat. It is almost like second nature now. I am careful yet not obsessed with the food I eat. I have created consistency in my new habits. My health has greatly improved and so has my energy levels as a result. That was one of my main goals when I first started working with Carmen.

- Kathy Puzic

Stephanie Romano

6 weeks in and I've lost 5lbs without restricting my diet or taking crazy supplements and fat burners. It's a slower approach but I no longer look in the mirror and hate myself. It is' changing my attitude and I know I will get to my goals. It's really a change of mindset which actually does change your physique. It's the total opposite of what I thought before and I love it

- Stephanie Romano

Ayesha Girgla

Working with Carmen was an eye opening. After years of trying almost every diet and exercise plan out there and constantly being frustrated and discouraged, I contacted Carmen for help. I was so intrigued by the idea of Health Coaching. With Carmen’s guidance I began to see a change in myself – the dark cloud that followed me everywhere started to dissipate, I was feeling happier and healthier and had a lot more energy. Her check in calls, e-mails and texts really helped keep me accountable and on track. I am so grateful to now be equip with the tools I need to be able to live a happier and healthier life.

–Ayesha Girgla

Pinky Kaith

Never in my wildest dreams did I EVER think that I would learn to enjoy foods without counting macros or without the guilt, but I have in as little as a few weeks.  8 years of habit turned around with Carmen’s guidance in just a few weeks!

Here’s the best part, we don’t just focus on foods (which is my biggest weakness), we focus on mental rehearsal, how to cope and manage my stress, how to understand certain triggers and how to cope them.

I can truthfully say that today, I am in the best place spiritually, emotionally and physically then I have been my entire life and I owe it all to Carmen and her dedication towards a healthier me.

Thank you Carmen, for being YOU.

–Pinky Kaith

Rebecca Zois

I started my fitness journey 4 years ago and wish I had met Carmen then. I always put in the hard, consistent work and it wasn’t enough. My body plateaued 2 years ago and without the right trainer, I did not move forward.

Carmen is the right trainer.

Carmen is a fitness professional with the right education, experience and knowledge.

When I first met Carmen, I came with challenges that did not faze her. I came with a stubborn body that did not want to lose fat or develop lean muscle mass. That has changed. It has renewed my sense of confidence. Fitness is more than a positive body change. What surprises me the most is how I feel inside. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

— Rebekkah Zois

Stephanie Romano

Carmen is the most educated and experience fitness professional I have worked with. I have already gone through a major fitness revamp with another trainer – who I love and appreciate. I went from a size 32 to 26. Kept it off for 3 years. This year I decided to bring my fitness to the next level with Carmen. I decided to partner with her due to her expertise in diet, hormones and overall experience in creating a fitness and nutrition lifestyles plans.–

I should also mention that I came to her 6 months before my wedding and she has been there to bring me to the next level. Going from 26% body fat to 19%.

I work in an industry where eating out and alcohol consumption are indirectly part of the job – so it hasn’t been easy, but I have had her support and guidance to help me achieve my goals. She recognizes hard work and results but also kicks your a$$ when you need to get in gear. You want someone to push you. Rewards take hard work and she’ll make sure your do.

Not only has she helped me walk down the aisle with confidence – she’s provided me with the tools to maintain my fitness level and keep a balance lifestyle.  Stephanie is still a client and now working on her health goals after having a baby. 

- Stephanie Romano

Jess Brady

I worked one on one with Carmen for six weeks this summer and am now continuing on into group coaching for six weeks.

I have had a life long battle with food, dieting, restriction, binge eating, poor body image, etc. etc.

I was looking to make a change from deprivation and a devastating cycle of restriction, binge eating and self loathing.  I had been following Carmen on social media and reached out to her for help.

The six weeks we worked closely together provided me with a lot of skills regarding mind set, stress management, exercise and overall steps to a healthier lifestyle.  I have been making conscious efforts to change the way I think about food, eating, exercising and what’s most important in my life using tools provided by Carmen.  I had a brief set back when we finished working together as accountability is key for me! but was able to get back on track quickly.

I no longer allow myself to spend time looking for a new miracle “diet”/training plan as quick solutions to my issues (which always result in failure and guilt anyway and ultimately bingeing). What I do is focus on resetting my behaviours and thoughts and focusing on a healthier happier life in my 40’s.

Thank you Carmen!

— Jessica Brady

Kayt Bognar

I have been training with Carmen for over two tears now, and working with her completely changed my relationship with exercise and physical fitness, but I have always struggled with my relationship with food. When I heard about her coaching and transformation program, I knew it would be invaluable for reeducating my food habits in an informed and supportive way. At only three weeks in, with Carmen’s 20-minute meal tool and how-to chewing guide, I am eating slower and more mindfully in a way that makes it easy to eliminate unnecessary snacking and junk food cravings. Every week I’m excited to check in with my positive progress, identify new areas that could improve, and try out the tools Carmen provides to bring awareness to my eating and my body in a compassionate and curious manner.

- Kayt Bognar

Luisa Duran

Carmen was recommended to me by a good friend whom has seen me yoyo between weight for years.

To be perfectly honest I wasn’t sure what I was stepping into however I was under the assumption I’d be put on a diet and monitored. The first week I spoke with Carmen I was surprised I was asked to first and foremost tell her what was going well, we often focus on the negative when it comes to weight. A light bulb went off for me and I was excited to look at this wholly in a positive manner , I was asked what positive changes I hope to see and was given anchoring tools so I had access to my own accountability, after all strength in self is where it starts she was a reminder of that.

I am now going into my third week with Carmen and I have dropped 5 lbs and not by diet by but consciousness, Slowly down and thinking about what I put in my body and why and has been the major factor for me thus far. Now when I go to reach for something that doesn’t serve me I stop and ask why, I now acknowledge my emotion, my energy and make the better choice.

I look forward to the hour check in we have each week, I am Grateful for her knowledge and support. Looking forward to this journey with her.

–Luisa Duran

Linda and Val Cattelan

Even with regular workouts, the weight wasn’t coming off.  Then Carmen suggested we try her “Energy Reset”.  We did it for just 2 weeks following the instructions and recipes included in the plan.  After 2 weeks on this plan, we each lost over 5 lbs and felt great!  It was easy to stay on the plan with good preparation.  The best part was eliminating the cravings for sugar, caffeine and the late night snacks.  It truly was a terrific reset to continued healthy eating.

–Linda & Val Cattelan