5 Reasons Your Diet is Failing You!

Diets can work… at first. We will see weight-loss and some changes… until we don’t.

Then one day, you stop seeing results. You feel tired and lethargic. You haven’t had a proper #2 in days and you feel super unmotivated. The excitement you had at the beginning has turned into dislike, frustration and you are super unhappy.

“Like why can’t I just eat what I want and Look amazing!?”

The truth is you kind of can. Which leads into 5 reasons your “diet” is failing you…..

  1. You treat healthy eating and movement like it is a punishment. Like it’s a job that we have to do or else. That is a huge reason we fail at dieting. Diets are torture. We now live in a world of “one way or the other”. We have absolutely no balance. We either go hard one way or the other. Which makes no sense and why we can’t sustain it. Healthy living is not a punishment. Because being healthy also includes enjoying foods you love. It includes creating a movement plan that progressively gets your body where you want it to be. Trying to go from coach potato to athlete will only make your body want to bail! Challenge doesn’t need to mean doing something you hate.

  2. You restrict all the foods you love because you have put them in the “bad” food column. That sticks with you and your unconscious now has created a certain thought process around food. The bad foods are the foods you love, so you think. The healthy foods are the foods that make you have to stay away from your fav foods, or so you think. That is why no food should be good or bad. It is how much, why and who you are around food that you should worry about. If you change how you see your body and food, you won’t need those foods you say you can’t live without, as much.

  3. You focus on losing a certain amount of weight based on how you looked 15 years ago and put a time line on it. Having goals is necessary but putting expiration dates on your health goal makes no sense. And why we end up not sustaining our goals. Make your goals about changing your habits. Make your goals about changing your action steps. Weight loss, inches down and fitting into clothes again are all positive outcomes of creating healthy habits. This goes beyond food and exercise as well.

  4. Cutting out essential macro-nutrients all so you can lose a ton of weight fast. It is a no brainer that if you cut calories low, cut out carbs and lower fat you will lose weight. But it isn’t sustainable. It throws off your hormones including insulin, leptin and ghrelin. Which have a huge impact on your body burning fat. It can also increase cortisol levels which will add to the decrease in sustainable results. Keep in mind we are all different. The amounts we need individually, vary depending on activity level, age and goals. Balance is so key and actually really just makes sense. But diets make money. So people sell it and really don’t think of the long term consequences. Meaning, what do we do after the diet is done? This leads us to…

  5. Focusing on a diet and not a lifestyle is short term. Once you diet and can’t get any where any more or want to maintain, what do you do? If you have been cutting out carbs for 6 months and now want to maintain, do you have a plan? Most likely not. And the problem is when you cut out foods and try adding them in, your body reacts negatively. So why do we do this? Because we no longer have patience. We no longer believe in our bodies ability to change without punishing it.

In order to have a body you want without losing it and fighting to get it back, over and over again'; requires a complete lifestyle change. This is beyond a nutrition plan, beyond exercise and restriction. You need to change how you see yourself on the inside and how you see your body. Your body is a relationship to heal not a problem to be solved.

It is ok, if you feel a bit lost. The truth is we all do.

The diet industry has screwed up how we feel around food. It has changed how we see ourselves and what sexy is. We no longer see beauty for what it really is. It’s all based on how we look now. And as we women, it goes against our feminine energy to feel this. Feminine energy is sensual. We feel and when we focus on a look it creates extreme unhappiness. A well-balanced program will give you the eating and workout tools but also help with how you feel, what you believe and how you move forward.