Health & Fitness Myths + Facts You Should All Know!

Coaches and Professionals have made it all so black or white. You need to do this… no wait they are wrong… you need to do this. Or we are saying… As a coach you should do this… oh wait no don't listen to that.

Not only are people confused on how to live healthy they are now confused as hell on what coach is for them. We shame people for everything now a days. That in itself is shameful.

There is no one way for everyone. That includes how someone thinks and feels. Telling someone they shouldn't share their health goals because it might make someone feel uncomfortable is the equivalent to shaming someone for not reaching their goals. Where does it stop???

There are many MYTHS & FACTS about your health that no one seems to speak of realistically. It is like everything in life now a days. It is all about PICKING A SIDE! I firmly believe this does such a disservice to healthy living and comes across as closed minded and self-righteous.

If we are all for being non-judgmental, promoting positive mental health, creating positive vibes and truly living our best lives then why criticize others for a journey they choose to take? Why are we telling them to choose sides? Why are we shaming everyone for doing what makes them feel good?

Living healthy isn't a one size fits all journey. Your way isn't the only way! How you see the world and healthy living is your unique path. One you have to discover for yourself and will come with some pitfalls and some triumphs. All of which creates the exact path you feel your best in. Our goal in life is happiness is it not? So love your journey and let others love theirs. This supports the community of healthy living.

When someone posts about their journey in a positive way, your reaction to it isn't their fault. It is your reaction. That being said, their is some hidden, underlying things that are bothering you, about you. We are human and this will happen but it is something we all need to work on.

I put together some Myths and facts we should all know. Things that put perspective into your journey. I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

M&F #1

Overeating is ok VS. Overeating is NOT ok.

If you are chronically Overeating due to stress, emotions or strong food cravings then yes it is something that needs to be addressed. This can lead to digestion issues, unwanted weight-gain, mood disorders and much much more. The key is to remember there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. It all boils down to just changing your mindset and your habits. The reason for Overeating is more about this than not and you aren't alone. I battled this as well as many others.

Now and again you will overeat. When out celebrating an event or holiday.. it happens. Out with friends enjoying a meal because you are distracted and just keep eating because it tastes so good or it's just there…. it happens. Sometimes you are caught up in your day and just not present in your meal and eat too much. You may have a bad Day and dive into everything when you get home…. it happens. First off this is normal human behaviour. We aren't perfect. Having moments of Overeating is different than chronically overeating. There is no shame in this and no need for guilt. Tomorrow Is a new day and when you have a positive healthy mindset, this won't phase you! Don't let anyone, including yourself make you feel bad about this. Your health is a journey you walk every day. When you focus on the right goals like more energy, healthy habits and happiness instead of weight-loss the shame and guilt goes away.


M&F #2

Food journalling and counting calories is the devil Vs. Food journalling and counting calories is the only way to lose fat and get healthy.

I believe that food journaling and counting calories have their purpose IF your coach is using it as a tool to create the right nutritional approach for you. Being so tight when it comes to eating for long periods of time creates a reliance and can alter your intuitiveness and mindfulness. I use journaling and counting to get my clients thinking and feeling more present in what they are eating. Getting them to alter meals based on how they feel not just about numbers. It is a great awareness tool that I get them transitioning into a more mindful eating approach. Most women have lost the connection to their bodies. Getting them on the track to getting that back, is not easy. Most won't know what to look for or the how, who and why around food until they track.

You can get healthy and create a feeling you want without tracking every little thing you eat. There is no one nutritional approach for everyone. Helping clients be more mindful, present and in tune with what they eat, allows them to live their lives without creating restriction and exclusion. Telling clients they will fail if they don't count every little thing, is the surest way to them not sustaining the goals they reach. Counting calories, macros and worrying about everything they put in their mouths, creates a sense of failure over and over again. This isn't the healthiest approach to food and your relationship to it.


M&F #3

Health Transformation shouldn't be about fat-loss vs. Transformations are all about fat-loss.

I agree focusing on fat-loss as your reason for becoming healthy is the wrong approach BUT when you implement healthy action steps, start eating healthy and moving more, one of the outcomes of this could be fat-loss. So why are we shaming people for showing comparisons. We automatically criticize them saying their are making others feel bad about their bodies, but by calling them out you are making them feel bad for getting the results they did. They post transformations not just to show body changes in weight but also share to show their confidence has increased. They see themselves different. If someone is offended by their positive share, how is that their fault? No one is saying how they use to look is bad but their new healthy approach gave them a certain outcome which they shouldn't feel bad about! Part of healthy body image is acceptance of not just your body but of what others choose for themselves. We need to be so ok with how we are and what others do as well. This is in support of healthy living! Mental, emotional and spiritual health is part of your growth. And this involves how you react to others.

I also firmly believe, like mentioned above, that when you start on a healthy journey, it has to be about just that, your health. Not a number on a scale or how you look. This approach sets you up for failure because once you reach that goal, you still aren't satisfied. You restrict and create a journey you hate that isn't sustainable. this puts you right back where you started. Just remember, one of the outcomes you get may be fat-loss but focus on how you feel more. Focus on healthy action steps creating positive new habits. Your body will do exactly what it needs to do. Don't let anyone make you feel bad about your outcomes or sharing it!


M&F #4

You lack willpower when you Overeat vs. You don't need willpower to eat mindfully.

The best definition of willpower is ENERGETIC DETERMINATION.

But when we tell someone they need to suck it up and get more willpower and control themselves when it comes to what they eat, you are missing the mark. It isn't just lack of willpower that has them in a bad relationship with food. And by saying that over and over to someone, you are only making them feel worse.

I also believe it does take some ENERGETIC determination to get past limiting beliefs and overcome our fear of change. Willpower is always needed but it is not the only thing that drives someone to do better. It is part of a bigger picture.


M&F #5

You need a high protein diet for health vs. You don't need protein for health.

Protein has a huge role in our bodies. We are protein, partly. We need it for many reasons. Some do well on high protein some do not. So as a health and fitness professional, making everyone eat high protein is not allowing your clients to create a journey that is theirs. I personally feel terrible on high protein. But I do eat it. I also believe that you can get your essential aminos without animal protein and if that is what someone prefers, than I support that. Amino acids play a crucial role in our nervous system, body tissue repair and much much more. But we can get them without high amounts of animal protein.

I also think telling someone they don't need protein is just as bad. If you are vegan or vegetarian it is important to make sure you are getting in a variety of foods so you get all your essential aminos. Knowing what foods support that and doing food rotation is a necessity.


M&F #6

There is no such thing as toxic overload from food vs. Avoid all foods that aren't organic and “whole”.

In a perfect body, we would have to capability to filter out all toxics we come into contact. Unfortunately, environmental toxics on top of product toxins, drugs and toxins on food, it adds up! It isn't just about our food. It is what we put on our skin, what we expose ourselves to based on where we live. Some things we can't avoid but I do firmly believe we need to work on the things we can avoid. Like what we eat, consume and put on our skin. If you think your body is powerful enough to take on all the toxins surrounding us,then well you must be super-human! Your liver and organs can only process and eliminate so much! After while it just can't keep up. So yes you can get toxic overload from food when it is added to everything else you are exposed to.

I also don't believe if you eat some foods now and again that aren't fresh and whole and void of chemicals, that it will create a toxic overload. It is all things together and how we live our lives in general that lead to a build up of toxins. All we can do is our best to avoid overuse and over consumption of things that will build up toxins in our bodies. So choose your foods wisely and indulge now and again. Watch what you put on your skin and get out in nature more!

M&F #7

Weight-training is all you need to reach your fitness goals vs. You don't need weight-training to reach your fitness goals.

Cardio is not the devil! I do believe you can do too much depending on intensity and frequency. But it is ok to do it! It can actually be beneficial. So don't believe the hype about cardio damaging the body! Just be smart when it comes to frequency, time, type and intensity.

As much as I don't think you need to be in the gym lifting every day to build muscle, strength and change your body, I do believe it is very beneficial to your health. Meaning if done right, should improve how you move, give you more strength to tackle your activiities of daily living and keep your bones and joints strong. We use to do a ton of manual labour but as the decades push on, we do less and less. We hire people to do everything for us and sit on our butts at work. Creating poor movement, injuries, poor posture and atrophy in some cases. This is so harsh on the body when movement is what it needs and really wants. Some form of resistance training is needed to keep your body fit and healthy! Along with your fav non-exercise activity.

As you can see, all the myth and facts have one thing in common, telling you that there is more than one way to look at things and that we all deserve to live our lives as we see fit. As long as it is positive and helps you thrive. Our issues with others comes from a void in ourselves. This is what we should focus on for personal growth. We shouldn't say to anyone that they need to be like you nor should we condemn someone for positively presenting themselves. Do what gives you energy and clarity. Do what creates total happiness for you. Because when you do, you treat others better all due to seeing yourself different. Don't worry about others are doing. That is so unproductive. If they aren't hurting others or sharing a positivity who are we to tell someone they shouldn't be who they are?

The definition of healthy living I love from is as follows: healthy living refers to the practices of population groups that are consistent with supporting, improving, maintaining and/or enhancing health. As it applies to individuals, healthy living is the practice of health enhancing behaviours, or put simply, living in healthy ways. It implies the physical, mental and spiritual capacity to make healthy choices.

When you practice this, your outcomes will all vary. If weight-loss or I should say fat-loss is one of them, don't feel bad about it. Social media has gone from you need to lose weight to loving your weight and in turn makes those who are thin or become thin feel bad about that. What we choose for our bodies is our business. As long as we don't make others feel like they need to be just like you. If we are living healthy our bodies will end up exactly where it should be. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. What we all should want is women to do what is best for them. Be happy for it and support it. They will learn, change and grow along the way finding what makes them truly happy. No ones' body is better than the next, just different. We should be proud of any transformation we make. And we should be happy for those who feel happy where they are if they are living and supporting a healthy lifestyle.

To your health,