I got 99 Problems but a DIET Ain't One!

Now of course I don’t have 99 problems but I think you get the point. Out of all the things going on in life, one thing I am not stressing over is a “DIET”.

BUT I USE TO! I was a classic chronic dieter! On and off! Weight up and down. Thinking this is normal but it created so many bad habits around food and my body.

The problem with restrictive dieting is it creates even more bad habits. We start a diet to change our bad habits but end up with more than when we started. Not even realizing it. We chalk it up to lack of willpower, a flaw or it’s just a bad time in life.

These are things we tell ourselves because the diet and convenience culture has us brainwashed into believe we are the problem and that there is something wrong with us! This is their way of saying “see you need us!”.

How many diets have you done and restarted? How many diets have you done and feel like a failure so you try the next fad and still can’t seem to hold it together?

We have all done this and still do! Each time we get motivated again, we say “This time is going to be different” but it’s not. This is because of a few reasons and something we need to address. Check out my last blog post to help you understand www.carmenshawn.com/read-me/why-your-diet

For me, being an competitor, added to my my bad relationship to food and gave me body dysmorphia. But it isn’t just competitors that suffer from this. Anyone who diets, compares themselves to others, and spends too much time listening to the fitspos on social media telling you aren’t good enough unless you have a six pack; will suffer with a bad relationship to food and their bodies as well.

Here are a few bad habits you can develop from dieting:

  1. Binge eating and overeating. This becomes super problematic for women who are restricting foods and calories. You start hating the journey and get hungry as hell causing a huge energy deficiency which gets you craving, binging and eventually overeating like it’s your last meal!

  2. Poor body image. By focusing on weight-loss and being thin, you create this poor image of what healthy really means. You see yourself as a problem no matter how much weight you lose. You see flaws and can’t understand why your body keeps failing you, but not realizing it’s not your body failing you it’s your mind.

  3. You see food as either good or bad. Now don’t get me wrong there are foods that are definitely on the “don’t eat often” list but not all cookies are bad and not all chips are bad. It boils down to quality and source. You can make cookies from all natural ingredients and as long as you aren’t dieting, you won’t over eat them. You can buy chips made with coconut oil or avocado oil and void of preservatives. By classifying food as good or bad you take the pleasure and taste out of eating.

  4. You become disconnected to your body and what it really needs. This is something I see in everyone. A lack of intuition on what the body really needs. Not one diet is for everyone. You need to start learning how to listen to your body and give it what it needs but still understanding what is too much and what is a nutritional need vs a craving. Learning how to eat is the hardest thing to learn because it requires patience, self-love and the mindset of abundance.

  5. Feeds the all or nothing mentality. This is something we get so stuck in and dieting just adds to this really bad habit. Being in harmony in life is not easy but worth the effort in making it happen. You don’t need to be one way or the other. You can enjoy food you love and be healthy and happy! You don’t have to go beast mode at the gym every day to do good to your body. To be honest beast mode is not always the best thing for you.

Finding what works for you is a process. It is being open to finding the real issues to your bad habits and begin able to let go. What you will lose is not as important as what you will gain.

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To your health,