I started in the Health and Fitness Industry when I was 20. I left my college program in Interior design because I didn't feel the passion for it that I truly wanted for myself. I love art. It was a huge part of my life and is again now, but I didn't see myself as an interior designer.

I took jobs to make ends meet. I started working out every day and couldn't get enough of the gym. I ended up getting a job at an all women's fitness centre as a receptionist because of my love for it! One day there was a snow storm and my manager begged me to teach a group fitness class. I had no idea what I was doing but I did it. That one push into something super uncomfortable and unknown lead me to where I am now! The quiet shy girl realized that nothing good comes easy and stepping out of my comfort zone made me stronger.

I ended up becoming a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Then fitness manager and Senior fitness manager. I Received an award for best fitness instructor. Not bad for someone who use to be terrified to teach.

I spent years in the industry, constantly educating myself, learning as much as I could to help others become the best they can be.

I started competing at 37 and spent 11 years and 12 competitions in and out of diets and extreme workouts. When I started I did it for the challenge. I spent most of my life struggling with who I was. Not really knowing completely where I fit in. I lacked confidence and self-acceptance. I spent years chasing and looking for happiness. Even though I had an amazing family and group of friends, good job, accomplished a lot and a good life in general, I still wasn't happy. I moved around to different cities and places thinking it would give me what I needed.

All this time still competing but for all the wrong reasons. I went from doing it for a challenge and creating confidence to chasing a look. I would come off each competition creating a deep body dysmorphia mindset. Chronic dieting and putting a time line on weight-loss developed binge eating, anxiety, lack of self-worth, lack of self-acceptance and most of all even more unhappiness. I thought this amazing body would create the happiness I wanted but what it did is make me feel terrible about who I really was. A fit woman who loves to move and eat healthy, who thrives on change and challenge. A woman who is strong and independent with dreams and ambitions. I lost that chasing a look.

Even though competing was about me, I was not actually focusing on myself enough. UMM WHAT? I mean I was Not listening to my body. Chronic dieting and life stressors collectively lead me to a bad place.

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By the time I was 46 and 26 years in, my body had enough. I ended up with extreme adrenal fatigue and terrible hormonal imbalance. Leaving me unable to think straight, gained a ton of weight, low energy and just totally lost in my body. Sound familiar? Think about it…. As a wife and mother what have you done for the last 10-20 years? Sacrifice your needs for others. Or be someone you think others want you to be. Am I right or am I right!?

It was time to stop the madness! Time to start listening to my body and work on my health and who I really was. Being over 40 is hard enough as it was. I certainly didn't need to add to it with chronic dieting and not managing stress well.

I needed to start embracing the strong, imperfect woman I really was. My issue wasn't my body but I made it about my body because finding out that I was running from things was just to much to bare. So I took it out on my body. Much easier but self - destructive. Being different is my strength. My thoughts about life and how to live it is different but not bad. I needed to embrace that and run with it.

I did a ton of research. Stopped competing and reached out for advice and help. I went back to school and became a Certified Health Coach. Then took it a step further and became a certified NLP Practitioner. With all these tools, personal experience and my knowledge over the years, I came up with a system that took me from the left to the right!

BEFORE AFTER From shredded and miserable to fit and happy!

BEFORE AFTER From shredded and miserable to fit and happy!

When I was competing I did it for the wrong reasons. I wanted to look good. I wanted the perfect body. I wanted to be happy. But I came to realize that it didn't make me any happier. Being healthy with all the energy and productivity, having my body wisdom so I didn’t need to diet any more gave me happiness. I feel free and more alive than I have in over 13 years! I started becoming comfortable in my own skin. Regaining the relationship to my body and seeing food as joy instead of a liability.

Life should be about having the freedom to live your life how you want with compassion and respect for others while still caring for yourself. The best kind of love comes from a place of true happiness!

My Journey brought me to creating my programs THE INSPIRED METHOD and THE WELLNESS FORMULA. I want to help as many women as I can find the agelessness and vitality I found. I want all women to love what they see in the mirror and embrace their Shape!

Now is your time! Don't wait a minute longer!