Metabolic type C…..

As a type C you crave both salty and sweet. This really depends on how you are managing stress and what you are eating. You don’t ever have a strong craving for one over the other, but you do get cravings. If not in balance, you will usually crave one more than the other. Or crave things you don’t normally crave.

As a C type, your body is sensitive to nutrition and movement changes. Too much or too little of anything can put you off balance quite easily.

You can gain weight easily and struggle at first to lose it. But once you find your way, you can create change quite easily.

You can take or leave sour foods. So things like kimchi, fermented foods and kombucha are good in moderation but not every day.

Carbs you choose should be high in fiber with no less than 4gms per serving. If using a supplement for added fiber I suggest, Fiberific which is chicory root. You do well on fruits as long as you don’t do more than 2 servings per day. (this is an apple and 1 cup of berries).

You are sensitive to blood sugar level changes. So make sure you aren’t eating carbs on their own! Add a protein and or fat always!

You can get emotional and irritable under stress which can mess with your weight loss. Managing stress is going to be key.

Your workout plan for C type needs to be variable intensity. You will notice if you do too many hard core workouts in a row, you aren’t recovering properly, you get super tired and start over eating. Make sure you stick to a workout plan that has low, medium and high intensities through the week.


You metabolize carbs, fat and protein equally. So eating balanced meals throughout the day is going to be a win win for your body type.

Focus on hormonal balance by eating more omega 3 fats than any other (seeds, nuts, fish)

Eat low to moderated amounts of protein and see how your reacts. I find with this body type fluctuating with lower animal protein weeks and then moderate helps with fat burning and giving your body the change it needs to flourish.

Your sleep is moderate so you need to be careful not to throw it off. So always keep your carbs moderate in every meal and avoid caffeine later in the day.

You seem to do better on warm foods and room temperature water. Hot foods and really cold foods tend to bother you and your body doesn’t respond well to extreme temperatures in food.

Avoid spicy foods and use more spices like cinnamon, coriander, fennel and cardamom.

The Vibe Lifestyle Program has a Healthy Eating Blueprint is perfect for your metabolic type. It also gives you a breakdown of macro percentages and meal examples so you can make meal planning more personalized.


Type C’s like variation in intensity. Rest days are essential and you do ok with cardio as long as you keep it to 30 mins and only a couple times a week. Using HIIT or tabatas are great because the time is shorter, keeping you in a balanced state.

Adding movement flows and yoga is great for joint mobility which tends to be lacking in Type C’s.

This is your Metabolic Type C breakdown. This is your way of eating that is best for your body.

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