Metabolic type b….

As a type B, you crave sugary, sweet foods often. This is frustrating and can cause binge and stress eating.

A lot of this is caused by trying to restrict carbs in order to lose weight.

You tend to have a hard time losing weight which drives you to restrictive diets. Then when you do eat carbs you gain weight. This isn’t carbs, its the restriction of them then adding them in.

From eating high sugar carbs regularly, you may have created insulin resistance in the body.


I suggest going with very balanced eating in every meal. Choosing the snacks that high fiber with fat. Keep protein low to moderate, fats moderate and carbs moderate but lower at first. Avoid eating carbs without fiber and don’t eat them without a healthy fat and or protein.

Craving sugary carbs is your bodies way of crying out for healthy more fibrous carbs.

You most likely drink a lot of caffeine or at the very least can’t go without it every day. Your energy levels are low and can get chronically fatigued. This will have you wanting caffeine. Caffeine goes hand in hand with sugar cravings.

Get in a variety of quality proteins including vegetarian options like protein powder, organic grass fed greek yogurt and hemp seeds.

Eat more fibrous fruits in the form of berries especially blue berries.

Choose omega 3 fats over all others (hemp seed, flax, pumpkin seeds, almonds, walnuts and fish oil) This will help with carb cravings.


The fatigue from the blood sugar roller coaster, can make you really unmotivated to move but movement helps with creating more insulin sensitivity.

Move as much as you can! Your non-exercise movement will be just as important as your workouts. Adding the movement flows and maybe some group programs like boxing or boot-camps to help with motivation will be key.