Metabolic Type A…

As a type A, you crave sugary, sweet foods often. This is frustrating and can cause binge and stress eating.

A lot of this is caused by trying to restrict carbs in order to lose weight. Unfortunately, you think the bodies cry for carbs needs to come in the form of unhealthy ones. When really your body is asking for high fiber, nutrient dense carbs.

You tend to have a hard time losing weight which drives you to restrictive diets. Then when you do eat carbs you gain weight. This isn’t carbs, its the restriction of them then adding them in with binges and choosing the wrong type.

You find when you try to eat high protein and fat diets, your energy drops dramatically and you feel very anxious. You start craving carbs, overeating, you get super tired mid day and find you are holding a lot of weight in your mid-section.

You can cause insulin resistance by choosing to eat carbs that keep blood sugar high and insulin high. If you are holding excess fat in your back and abdominal area, sudden low blood pressure, symptoms of PCOS and feel extreme lethargy, you most likely have insulin resistance.

In this case you will want to start with Metabolic Type B meal plan then progress to mixed type and then back to type A. Please send an email request. I also suggest getting someone one on one coaching so your progress can be monitored and adjusted when needed.

The Vibe Healthy Eating Blueprint is more for a mixed Metabolic type. But adjusting it for your type is quite easy. Just use the meal plan provided to adjust your meals if wanting to use the recipes provided.


Pick carbohydrates that are high in fiber no less than 4 gms per serving. Avoid a lot of processed wheats and grains. Keep fruit to one serving per day. All meals should contain protein and or fat. DO NOT eat a carb on it’s own without pairing it with a fat or protein. Doing this is what also causes extreme carb and sugar cravings.

Craving sugary carbs is your bodies way of crying out for healthy more fibrous carbs.

You most likely drink a lot of caffeine or at the very least can’t go without it every day. Your energy levels are low and can get chronically fatigued. This will have you wanting caffeine. Caffeine goes hand in hand with sugar cravings.

Get in a variety of quality proteins including vegetarian options like protein powder, organic grass fed greek yogurt and hemp seeds.

Eat more fibrous fruits in the form of berries.

Choose omega 3 fats over all others (hemp seed, flax, pumpkin seeds, almonds, walnuts and fish oil) This will help with carb cravings.

You most likely crave sour foods. Type A does well on fermented foods like Kimchi, saurkraut, kombucha etc. Helping with your gut microbiome.


The fatigue from the blood sugar roller coaster, can make you really unmotivated to move but movement helps with creating more insulin sensitivity.

Move as much as you can! Your non-exercise movement will be just as important as your workouts. Adding the movement flows and maybe some group programs like boxing or boot-camps to help with motivation will be key.

Here is your Metabolic Type A meal plan. This is your way of eating that is best for your body. Track your food and pay attention to portion sizes. Take pictures of your meals and take note of how portion sizes look on your plate. This is the best way to start getting control over how you eat but can get tedious and take the pleasure out of eating. So you will need to learn how to substitute other foods you love like treats etc over time. The point of Vibe Lifestyle is to learn how to eat without measuring, counting calories and feeling limited and or restricted.