Metabolic Type A…

As a type A, you love salty food, such as potato chips and tend to add a lot of salt to your food. You are prone to anxiety and tend to be “wound” up a lot.

The stress you put on your body is what has you craving salt. Stress affects the adrenal glands and this lowers blood pressure causing you to want salt.

This also affects your sleep and causes you to carry more fat around your mid section.

You have a strong appetite and experience fatigue often. This is due to you being in a constant state of stress and being “wound” up which to outsiders comes across as outgoing.


Starting with balanced meals with a focus on high quality protein and fats is going to help you reduce the salt cravings.

Carbs should be fibrous as well as fruit. Focusing on Omega 3 fats and avoiding saturated fat and fried foods. Balancing your diet out with a small amount of carbs in each meal should lower salt cravings.

I suggest keeping carbs out of your breakfast. This will help lower cortisol levels. Also avoid the spike in insulin which can create anxiousness.

Increase your healthy fats with flax, nuts and other seeds. Taking a fish oil is also a great way to get in high quality omega 3 and reduce cortisol in the body.

Instead of table salt use himalayan sea salt.

You most likely will do well on hearty dishes like stews and meals that are hot.

Hot drinks like herbal teas are nourishing and soothing for type A’s. Also consider using spices like cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, cloves and garlic.

Cut back on caffeine and drink more herbal teas.

The Vibe Healthy Living Blueprint is done with balanced meals and breakfast low in carbs. Once you get your system in check, you may be able to add more carbs to your breakfast.


The goal is to lower cortisol. So keeping your workouts to 45 -60 minutes will help. Also not skipping the relaxation component at the end of workouts. This calms the central nervous system and allows to keep cortisol in check.

Adding yoga and the movement flows as much as possible will help with relaxing the body. Get in more walking in nature, hikes and biking if you can. The fresh air and soothing atmosphere helps become more parasympathetic.