Frequently Asked Questions


Health and wellness is a journey and I am here to help you on your way.

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What is the inspired method?

The Inspired Method is my private coaching program that is done via video chat once per week. I offer either 90 days or 6 months. You can book a FREE consultation to discuss details. This is a personalized program.

Do i get a Meal plan and workouts?

With my private coaching I help you learn mindful and intuitive practices for both your nutrition and exercise. I never leave you without some form of plan but the goal is to regain your body wisdom. Each client requires a different approach and that can be discussed in your FREE Consultation call.

Do you have payment plans?

For my private coaching I do offer payment plans and that is discussed in the FREE consultation. I try to make sure my programs are accessible to everyone who wants to create positive change.

What is the wellness formula?

The Wellness Formula is a 6 Week group program done quarterly. Great for those wanting to learn and take action. Allows you to follow at your own pace. You get incredible value in this program. See WORK WITH ME page for more details.

Is this a weight-loss program?

With all my programs I don't consider them to be a weight-loss program. It is a program that teaches all you need to know to change your habits so you live a healthy lifestyle without diets or militant exercise. I help you create pleasurable and sustainable healthy living.

Do you offer personal training?

I do still offer personal training upon request. I am located in Bronte, Ontario. I also offer online training for those who are looking for specific training protocols.