Welcome to The Breakthrough!

Congratulations on taking the first step to getting unstuck! Once you BREAK FREE of limiting habits and beliefs you are able to Breakthrough, reaching all the goals you desire. You don't need to just dream about it! I believe in you and soon you will believe in you too! Watch the video and get started on the journey to a NEW YOU!


Please take some time before booking your first appointment to download and go over everything. Don't rush. This is a journey and you can go at your own pace. Once you feel you are good to go, book your appointment.


Health & Fitness Intake Step #1

Please take a moment to fill out these forms before we get started. If they aren't filled out and returned I can't start our work together!


Clear the clutter step #2

Before you get started it is important to clear the clutter. In your home, in your life and in your mind. In order to reach your goals and make sure they stick, It is important to continuously do clutter clearing periodically so you don't cloud your journey or lose your intuitiveness. Use the tools provided to get you started.


Pantry Food Swap step #3

The surest way to achieve your goals is to set yourself up for success. I don't believe food is bad. I believe how you see food and how much eat can either help you get healthy and fit or not. Having good or better choices available to you, will ensure you are consistently on track


Movement Step #4

Being inspired and feeling pleasure in your journey is crucial to keeping consistent. You want to be challenged but inspired. You want to do things that make you feel good whether it is walking or boxing! Take some time to really think about what you have enjoyed in the past. What you enjoy now and how you can add more movement in your day.

Progress photos

Progress photos

Measurements Step #6

You can do all the measurements indicated or do these main ones:

  1. bust (around nipples)

  2. stomach (at belly button)

  3. hips (largest part)

  4. thighs (just under glutes)

  5. arms (largest area about half way between shoulder and elbow)

Use a mirror and make sure you aren’t pulling too tight. Use the measurement chart given to keep track. These are done before, half way and after.

These are all great tools to make sure you are progressing and getting the results you want. The scale is not the best tool to measure fat-loss. How do your clothes fit? How do you feel?

Progress Pictures Step #5

Before we start and before I can do a movement plan for you, please take photos like the example shown. Front, side and back. I suggest setting up your on a timer or getting someone to take them for you. No selfies please!

Half way through you will take another set and then at the end.

The progress photos are really important so I can see your posture, where you are holding fat and to see if you are progressing.

Please submit photos via email carmenshawnfitness@gmail.com


Please click below to book your appointments. I recommend booking all 3 at once. Remember they are done every other week.