Why You Aren't Getting The Results You Want Even When You Feel LIke You Are Doing All The Things!


How frustrating is it when you are eating well and doing a ton of exercise and the result is zilch?!

I remember a couple of years ago when I was Chronic Dieter Carmen, I had to go down to 1000 calories and do more exercise so I could get on stage and have people tell me my body wasn't as good as someone elses.  How nuts is that, when you think about it.

I restricted calories, carbs, fat and worked out twice a day, sometimes 3 just to get a look.  One that I couldn't sustain because it was too restrictive. Funny thing is I know my set point, that point when you are eating healthy and working out and you feel amazing!  But as a chronic Dieter and fitness competitor, I have to push past this. But most women do this anyways in some form just to get a look. To lose weight and look fit or skinny and they really don't know why they want it so bad.

They think it is because of health but if it was, they wouldn't be doing it through diet and too much exercise.  They do it because they think a LOOK is going to make them FEEL better.

What I found out 2 years ago (and so glad I did) is you need to aim for a FEELING and the LOOK will follow.  It may not come as quick but what this process has taught me is patience with my body and myself in general.

It helped me look at my body like a relationship not a problem!


I now know what my body needs, what it doesn't and how to help her so she thrives.  I don't do diets and restrict foods because some doctor or trainer told me my body doesn't need carbs or that food is bad for you and this food you need to eat a ton of.  For instance, coconut oil became the new wonder fat. So like everyone else I jumped on the band wagon. I was walking around with hives and itching for almost a year thinking I was allergic to my dog.  And Lord knows I am not getting rid of my dog! ;)

After actually figuring out my formula to the body I want, I realized it was coconut that I was reacting too.  And badly. I felt terrible when I ate it but assumed it was something else because It can't be coconut, it is good for you! PUH!  

The moral of the story is, YOUR BODY IS THE ONLY AUTHORITY YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO!  What one person's superfood is will not be another persons. You have to go with what your body needs and it will tell you.  We just need to start listening. We need to LEARN how to listen.

Here are three tips to start being more intuitive:

  1. Start a food journal.  Not a diet plan just relax and eat what you think you want and journal.  Pay attention to how you feel before and after. When you are eating and when you aren't.  Why you are eating. How you are eating. (are you on the go, eating out, watching TV?)

  2. Ask yourself why you want to get healthy. Why do you want to lose weight?  What are your desired outcomes and what is the value in that.

  3. When it comes to movement, what is it you really like.  Not what you think you need to do but what you like. Some of my clients need to keep moving because it is their personalty.  Rest is needed so instead of forcing them to do something they don't like, I create movement plans that get them to rest but they don't know they are!  You can make your movement plans work for you if you learn how.

It is possible to have the body you want by following a feeling and knowing your true reason for wanting it.  9 times out of 10 it is far beyond what you think. You need to see value in your journey. And I can tell you right now, by developing a relationship with your body, you LEARN so much you will wonder why you waited.

The diet and convenience culture full of fad diets, apps, watches, websites etc have been telling us what we need for years.  We think this is great but we lose touch with our bodies doing this. Technology not only has us talking to people via text messaging and email, it has us talking to ourselves like our female goddess inside doesn't matter!  

LADIES YOU MATTER! YOUR BODY IS YOUR GODDESS!  Treat her like the goddess she is and start seeing results you didn't even know you could get!  

If you want to start finding your Formula and learn how to relate to your female goddess and get off the diet roller coaster then click here!  Get started in 2019 on the right foot and stay on it!  I want to teach women how to be their own coaches! The Wellness Formula is a great way to learn and go at your own pace and is really nice on your pocket book too!

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I hope to hear from you and look forward to seeing you in January in my group!

To your health,

Carmen Shawn