2 Essential Tips To Avoid Weight Gain Over The Holidays

Do you feel like even when you watch how much you eat you still gain weight?!  Like WTH Right?!

There are many reasons for this and all of which you probably have never thought of.  I use all these techniques on my clients and going to share 2 with you today!

Both of these are game changers if you make a conscious effort and do it every day!  That is how you create habit change that sticks!

First tip and a very important one…..

RELAX  Daily! Now you maybe thinking "I don't have time for that!" but it doesn't take much time!  You can get creative to ensure some down time and turn on rest mode.

One thing you need to know is your body doesn't know the difference between real or created stress.  Physiologically your body turns on the stress response whether you are being chased by a bear or you are out running around non-stop in your day.  Stress is stress to your body. Once you turn on the stress response, your rest and digest turns off and well even if you control what you eat, you are storing fat not burning fat.

So, take time to slow down and relax.  Here are a few suggestions:

1. Take a long hot bath with lavender.  Instead of showering run a bath. Great way to step away when you would anyways.  Add some Candles and read a book or just shut your eyes and take in the silence.

2.  When you are at the mall getting last minute gifts, grab a quick head and back massage!  Most malls have this available! Or grab a pedicure and add an extra massage time! There are many nerves in your feet.  An extra rub down will create a very relaxed state.

3.  Go for walks and take in the Christmas lights. Enjoy it and embrace it! Get some fresh air and exercise.

 These are just a few ideas that don't take away a lot of time with your family and even incorporate them into the equation.  Except the bath! ;)


The second tip to avoiding weight gain…..

is be present in everything you eat! What!?  Yep that is what I said. Be present!

Sit down, show gratitude, be aware of what is on your plate and use all your senses!

Chew your food!  Just slow down! Digestion starts with your senses and in your mouth.  If you don't slow down you are causing digestive disrupt! If you want to avoid the extra lbs, then slow down!

Try not to eat on the go.  Try not to eat when you are rushed or stressed.  Stop and breath, let go of what you were doing. This, even if it seems simple, is one of the things my clients find the hardest to do but one of the most effective.  

There are many more ways to keep off the weight besides what you eat!

One bonus tip that helps kick start weight loss is a cleanse.  Now I don't believe in cutting out food or reducing calories too low.  I have a cleanse that is so amazing you will feel like a new woman in 14 days!  It is a 29 page ebook that you can use not just to clean out the elimination channels in your body responsible for weight-loss but also give yourself an energy boost to start the New Year after a busy Holiday season!

Not sure if you need one?!


Symptoms of toxic overload include:

• Headaches

• Nausea

• Constipation

• Diarrhea

• Belly bloat

• Painful gas

• Frequent belching

• Joint and muscle aches

• Muscle tension

• Soreness or cramps

• Itching

• Acne

• Warts or other skin eruptions

• Inability to concentrate

• Foggy brain

• Irritability

• Depression

• Mood swings

• Cardiovascular irregularities

• Weight gain or loss

• Insomnia

• Fatigue

• Lethargy

• Flu-like symptoms

• Allergic reactions including hives, stuffy or runny nose, sneezing, and coughing

To avoid these symptoms and effectively reset the body it is important to keep all of the body’s channels of elimination open and functioning well.

After weeks of eating and drinking foods we don't normally have (even if you control the portions) are still going to slow down your bodies channels elimination and metabolism.  Affecting your gut health and your mental and emotional health!

If you feel like this is something you need then I have a deal for you!  My 14 Day Reset Cleanse is on sale now for only $99.00! This is a savings of $100.00!  50% off!

Click here to get your 29 page reset cleanse complete with a 3 step process to cleansing, recipes, and a example meal plan!

If you have any questions or not sure if this is for you, please feel free to message me!  I would love to hear from you!

To your health,

Carmen Shawn