Cellulite... Why Is It So Hard To Get Rid Of?

Hi there  ladies!

As women we are unfairly cursed with having more problems with cellulite than men.  Jerks! lol (jokes)

There are a few reasons for this.  First off don't believe all the BS posts and articles saying you can beat cellulite with their glute exercises and magical creams.  Creams give a temporary fix.  Keep reading to find out why. 

Cellulite is the combination of two things, fat and collagen. The problem is that this fat and collagen is a little different than the fat and collagen found on a man’s body and even different than fat found on different areas of the female body.


Unlike men, women have collagen fibers in their lower body that run vertically up and down like a picket fence. This straight up and down distribution of collagen fibers is the major reason females get cellulite and men don’t.

This is important because the vertical collagen fiber in females, more so in the female lower body, form a pocket where fat cells grow (see the picture). As the fat cells grow in size they are packed tightly together by the collagen fibers. This packing of fat inside the “collagen pockets” creates the puckering and dimpling.

Women have about 9 times more alpha-adrenergic receptors associated to their fat tissue compared to beta-adrenergic receptors. Adrenergic receptors are bound by the body’s fat burning hormones – catecholamines.  When these fat burning hormones interact with beta-receptors, fat is released from fat cells. When they bind to alpha-receptors, fat release is slowed down drastically.

Ok ok I know, you just want to know how to get rid of it.  The truth is it's hard!  It takes time and patience and definitely doesn't include dieting drastically.  

Most women have cellulite because of genetics.  Great news is you can reduce the appearance of it.  Part of the reason it can look worse at times is fat holds toxins.  So if you aren't following healthy practices consistently, it will be hard to reduce the appearance.

Here are a few ways to help reduce the look of cellulite:

  1. Get rid of processed and chemical laden foods.  Kick sugar and reduce "white" carbs.  Controlling the intake of carbs is important but most importantly is the kind you eat.  We need carbs but we don't need as much as we think.  Moderate amounts plus veggies is key to reducing the appearance of cellulite. Carbs when too high or eaten without protein and fat, raised blood sugar which stimulates the production of insulin.  If you constantly eating carbs that create a huge insulin response it's not going to help with weight-loss or cellulite.  So finding a program that keeps blood sugar levels stable is key!  Remember fad diets can affect blood sugar poorly whether carbs are too LOW or too HIGH.  So you need a system that gives you the right balance of carbs, fat and protein. 

  2. Improving blood circulation.  Fat is hypoxic (deprived of oxygen).  Fat unlike muscle, does not have blood vessels.  This is why having more muscle makes you more metabolic active and creates better blood circulation.  This being said, you need more circulation in the areas that carry the most fat.  Yes moving creates blood circulation every where but targeting an area can help.  Increased blood flow to the area means increased release or fat to be burned. Increased blood flow also helps the removal of fluid from the area and essential for the health and strength of the collagen fibers. Other things like hot baths & sauna plus contrast hydrotherapy (alternating hot and cold applications) improve circulation.  These are surprisingly effective, at least in the short term appearance of cellulite.  This is the thing, you have to be consistent in this.  We don't all have access to hot tubs and saunas but a hot bath with epsom salts daily would help.  This is why creams do work but only temporary. They improve circulation.  But remember these creams only give a temporary solution and can cause other toxic responses in the body depending on the ingredients.

  3. This is controversial but remodeling the collagen fibers has some effect on the appearance of cellulite.  Deep tissue massage and self-myofascial release (foam rolling) are great ways to do this.  Most of us can't get massages every day but we can roll every day.  Rolling is like anything else, you need to know how to do it properly in order for it to be effective.  

  4. BUILD MUSCLE!  Remember what I said about muscle being more metabolic active?  If you have more cellulite in your legs and butt, then building muscle in that area will create more blood flow, more blood helps with the release of fat and that means less fat in your legs.   

So the bottom line..... YOU NEED TO FIND A SYSTEM that gives you all of the following:

  • a nutrition plan that focuses on improving insulin response, balancing hormones so you aren't sitting in estrogen dominance and gives you the right combination of macronutrients for your unique body type.

  • a movement plan that focuses on your personal needs and allows you to enjoy it so you never want to stop. Plus adds muscle but gives you a healthy, fit and feminine look.

  • can give you the right supplements to help with the bodies alpha receptors so you can more effectively burn fat.  

  • helps you love your body enough to have more patience and treat your body like a relationship to heal.  

Lucky for you all my programs offer this and more!  If you want to find out more click here to book a call and I can show you how I can help! 

To your health,

2 Essential Tips To Avoid Weight Gain Over The Holidays

Do you feel like even when you watch how much you eat you still gain weight?!  Like WTH Right?!

There are many reasons for this and all of which you probably have never thought of.  I use all these techniques on my clients and going to share 2 with you today!

Both of these are game changers if you make a conscious effort and do it every day!  That is how you create habit change that sticks!

First tip and a very important one…..

RELAX  Daily! Now you maybe thinking "I don't have time for that!" but it doesn't take much time!  You can get creative to ensure some down time and turn on rest mode.

One thing you need to know is your body doesn't know the difference between real or created stress.  Physiologically your body turns on the stress response whether you are being chased by a bear or you are out running around non-stop in your day.  Stress is stress to your body. Once you turn on the stress response, your rest and digest turns off and well even if you control what you eat, you are storing fat not burning fat.

So, take time to slow down and relax.  Here are a few suggestions:

1. Take a long hot bath with lavender.  Instead of showering run a bath. Great way to step away when you would anyways.  Add some Candles and read a book or just shut your eyes and take in the silence.

2.  When you are at the mall getting last minute gifts, grab a quick head and back massage!  Most malls have this available! Or grab a pedicure and add an extra massage time! There are many nerves in your feet.  An extra rub down will create a very relaxed state.

3.  Go for walks and take in the Christmas lights. Enjoy it and embrace it! Get some fresh air and exercise.

 These are just a few ideas that don't take away a lot of time with your family and even incorporate them into the equation.  Except the bath! ;)


The second tip to avoiding weight gain…..

is be present in everything you eat! What!?  Yep that is what I said. Be present!

Sit down, show gratitude, be aware of what is on your plate and use all your senses!

Chew your food!  Just slow down! Digestion starts with your senses and in your mouth.  If you don't slow down you are causing digestive disrupt! If you want to avoid the extra lbs, then slow down!

Try not to eat on the go.  Try not to eat when you are rushed or stressed.  Stop and breath, let go of what you were doing. This, even if it seems simple, is one of the things my clients find the hardest to do but one of the most effective.  

There are many more ways to keep off the weight besides what you eat!

One bonus tip that helps kick start weight loss is a cleanse.  Now I don't believe in cutting out food or reducing calories too low.  I have a cleanse that is so amazing you will feel like a new woman in 14 days!  It is a 29 page ebook that you can use not just to clean out the elimination channels in your body responsible for weight-loss but also give yourself an energy boost to start the New Year after a busy Holiday season!

Not sure if you need one?!


Symptoms of toxic overload include:

• Headaches

• Nausea

• Constipation

• Diarrhea

• Belly bloat

• Painful gas

• Frequent belching

• Joint and muscle aches

• Muscle tension

• Soreness or cramps

• Itching

• Acne

• Warts or other skin eruptions

• Inability to concentrate

• Foggy brain

• Irritability

• Depression

• Mood swings

• Cardiovascular irregularities

• Weight gain or loss

• Insomnia

• Fatigue

• Lethargy

• Flu-like symptoms

• Allergic reactions including hives, stuffy or runny nose, sneezing, and coughing

To avoid these symptoms and effectively reset the body it is important to keep all of the body’s channels of elimination open and functioning well.

After weeks of eating and drinking foods we don't normally have (even if you control the portions) are still going to slow down your bodies channels elimination and metabolism.  Affecting your gut health and your mental and emotional health!

If you feel like this is something you need then I have a deal for you!  My 14 Day Reset Cleanse is on sale now for only $99.00! This is a savings of $100.00!  50% off!

Click here to get your 29 page reset cleanse complete with a 3 step process to cleansing, recipes, and a example meal plan!

If you have any questions or not sure if this is for you, please feel free to message me!  I would love to hear from you!

To your health,

Carmen Shawn

10 Tips to Beat The Winter Blues

Don't we all want to figure out some easy ways to combat that feeling we sometimes get when the leaves fall off the trees and the sun sets way too early and we start unpacking our winter gear in preparation for those hibernation months of winter… ??

But first, why am I talking about beating the winter blues?

Depending where you live—New York City versus Los Angeles—winter will either be something you dread or something that passes you by without noticing.

Sometimes even people who live in the warmer states like California experience cyclical changes that affect their moods and disposition.

The extreme form of this is called SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD is a cyclical form of depression caused by changes in the circadian rhythm—a 24-hour cycle that regulates biochemical processes in the body.

For some people, as the hours of sunlight decrease in the fall and winter, their circadian rhythm cycle can become disrupted. The hormone melatonin and the neurotransmitter serotonin suddenly drop in the winter and this causes lethargy, depression, irritability and weight gain.

So what are my top 10 tips for beating the winter blues?

  1. Take Vitamin D3:

Vitamin D3 is not actually a vitamin, it’s a steroid hormone manufactured in the body from direct exposure to sunlight. Because sunlight is weak or scarce in some winters, be sure to buy Vitamin D3 supplements to make up for lost sunlight!

2. Hibernate happily:

Sometimes it’s best to surrender to winter and take up hibernation like a bear. You can watch movies you’ve always wanted to see or curl up on the couch with a good book you’ve been meaning to read or get all cozy by the fire in your favorite woolly socks.

3. Eat warm, nourishing comfort foods:

Use this time to make those rich bean soups and hearty squash and root vegetable stews that you’ve been wanting to try. It will nourish and warm your body and spirit.

4. Watch comedy shows and improv that make you laugh out loud:

Laughter is the best medicine. Download your favorite comedian and watch the show till you have a stitch in your side from laughing or put on your sexy winter boots and invite a friend out to see your favorite comedian live.

5. Layer up and go for walks outside in the cold, fresh air:

Just because it’s cold outside, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be outside. As long as you layer up with woolly hats, down jackets and long johns, even the snow and sleet will be your friend. Take a stroll on a freezing wintery evening and return home refreshed.

6. Spend time soaking it up in a hot tub or sauna:

There is nothing that raises your body heat quite like soaking it up in a hot tub or sauna. Just do it weekly throughout winter! You can’t go wrong.

7. Find a movement class that makes you sweat:

Getting your body moving floods you with feel-good endorphins. So find a high energy dance class like Zumba or African Dance or even belly dancing and get your groove on. Then treat yourself to a cup of hot chocolate afterwards with your new dance buddy.

8. Buy some great looking winter outfits so you don’t feel frumpy:

Take all your old, moth-eaten sweaters to Goodwill and buy yourself some sexy, head-turning winter gear like leggings and boots so you can go out and about in style.

9. Take a vacation somewhere sunny or tropical:

If the winter months are simply unbearable, there is nothing that breaks it up better than a short vacation to a sunny place like Hawaii or Mexico. It will give you the boost to get through the rest of the winter… this time with a tan!

10. Take up some new hobbies:

Winter has us inside more, at home more. Which can be comforting at times but also very confined! When we are bored and lacking mental nourishment, you will go to food. With boredom, lack of fun or activity we use food for pleasure! So create pleasure through hobbies.

How will I know which of these tips will work for me?

Start by picking your top three that just jump out at you. Those are the ones that obviously appeal to you the most—so that’s a great place to start!

Next, schedule a time on your calendar to actually do them starting tomorrow.

So if you picked hot tub, movement class and nourishing soup, then go out today and buy the ingredients for the soup to cook tomorrow and find a movement class you can start next week and treat yourself to your local hot tub spa on the weekend!

Once you’ve done these three keep doing them if you enjoy them or ditch them if you don’t! And then start adding more from your top 10 list until pretty soon winter will be over and you will yearn to do it all over again!

So what happens if I am having a hard time implementing these?

If you are one of those people prone to the winter blues and you want to make sure not to fall into that rut this year, then click here now to schedule a time to chat with me about more ways to make your winter months not only bearable but pleasurable too!

I can help you come up with a plan that feels good in your bones and I can help you implement it and follow through so that you can beat the winter blues this year for real!

To your health!


The Craziest Transformation Ever!

You may be thinking “WTH, how can this be a transformation.  You went from lean to not lean.  Shouldn’t it be the other way around?”.  My answer to this is: my Transformation has been the most successful and rewarding one I have experienced in the last 27 years.  Bear with me!  Keep reading.

On the Left I was the leanest I have ever been.  At 46 yrs old people found this impressive.  They spoke of dedication, determination, willpower etc.  All the things that go along with being in prep.

On the right, is almost a year and half later.  People may call this soft, normal or average physique.  Not worthy of being in a fitness magazine and now a days not industry standard for even being healthy.  Nuts right?


Industry standard is now women lean and skinny. Now don’t get me wrong, I think muscular women are amazing and applaud their dedication.  As long as you are doing it healthy!  BUT the media is telling women and young girls they need to be skinny and lean to be considered healthy and beautiful.

When in all honesty it is far from the truth!

On the left,  as lean as I am, I WAS MISERABLE!  I remember taking this pic.  Now when I look at it I think wow I did that!  But then I was so upset thinking I didn’t look good enough.  I wasn’t happy, I was tired, not sleeping, took me doing a very restrictive diet to get lean (more restrictive then normal because my adrenals were shot) and I was stressed to the max, actually I wasn’t able to manage my stress well causing further damage to my adrenals.  I was binge eating and emotional eating.

I knew before I did Nationals I was done competing.  I cried for days and felt like I was breaking up with someone.  My first thought was “OMG I am going to get fat!”  I hate even admitting that because it sounds nuts but it is true.  I was scared as hell to let go of something I did for 11 years that kept me having a crazy looking physique.

I loved competing.  Competing didn’t fully screw up my adrenals.  Competing during moments in my life of extreme stress and constantly dieting off and on without breaks did it to me.  No one made me compete.  No one forced me to diet.  I did it to me.  I still follow and support others who compete and just hope they take care of themselves better than I did.

In August of last year coming off Nationals where I did very well for my first time at that level, I was at my worse.  For years I suffered with extreme fatigue. Off and on with lack of mental focus,  poor sleeping patterns, muscle weakness, extreme joint pain, poor digestion and bloating, hormones so bad I would have a period for 14 days and cramps so bad I had to use prescription pain killers.  I also had problems losing weight if I wasn’t on a strict diet.  I suffered with ovarian cysts that were out of control.  The pain and symptoms from that alone was tiresome.

Part of my problem was just not listening to my body.  I refused to believe I got myself to this point being a Health and fitness professional.  I should know better.  But I am human and in all honesty it isn’t easy being a 40 something women in an industry that body shames when you don’t look at certain way.  (you can get mad if you want but it is true!).

After doing some major changes in my life.  Going through some trauma and not wanting to feel like shit for the rest of my life, I sat down and did some deep soul searching.  I needed to get myself out of this and knew I was so far gone that I needed to see a specialist.  So I did.  Found out my DHEA tanked.  Progesterone, test and GH low.  And even though I was 47, it was still Way lower than it should be.  The specialist was surprised I was able to function.  I was definitely barely surviving and far from thriving.

I had to take some hormones to fix up the mess and at the same time supported it naturally.   I stopped dieting, had to cut back on workouts and had to learn to manage stress better.  This was a long damn haul!  I needed to eat and did.  But I did eat healthy and did everything I could do help with my hormones and repair my adrenals.  I did one round of hormones and weened myself off.  I continued supporting my body naturally.

I had to be ok with gaining weight.  I had to be ok with slowing down and had to make some big changes in order to support a healthy lifestyle.  It wasn’t easy to let myself do this.  I haven’t followed a meal plan since July 2017.  I workout half of what I did.

With the steps I used to cure my body I put together THE INSPIRED METHOD.   I discovered my biggest problem was I just wasn’t inspired.  I was surrounded by successful people, fit people etc but I realized that external inspiration only takes you so far.  I had to become inspired from within.

I started cooking more and being mindful with food.  I started doing things I loved to do like boxing and walking.  More Full-body workouts and HIIT.  Boxing is my cardio and may do one session a week on the Stepmill because it can be therapeutic to me.

By not dieting, creating amazing gut health, working out less but smarter, and managing stress I was able to have the following:

  1.  more energy.  Like 10 times the amount I had.  No joke!

  2. balanced hormones.  Now have normal periods and less PMS

  3. Improved digestion (which did help with hormones, neurotransmitters like seratonin for better sleep etc.)

  4. very little aches and pains.  (let’s face it, at almost 50 I am going to a have some!)

  5. better mental clarity

  6. Sleep like a champ. (now I get tired if I don’t get enough sleep, but this is due to deadlines or projects that need to get done. When I am sleeping it is quality. I wake up and get what I need done with energy!)

I created a program that encourages INSPIRED eating, movement and mindset.  Everything I did for myself.  Why?  Because I now wake up happy.  Excited for what life has in store for me.  I have so much energy I feel productive and alive!  I embrace my shape and stopped criticizing myself in the mirror.  But the main point is I AM HAPPY & FULL OF ENERGY!

Bottom line is, I follow a feeling not a look.  I eat balanced, taught myself how to eat again.  Yes most of us do need to learn how to eat again.  We know what to eat, meaning we know what is healthy but that doesn’t mean much.  We need to learn mindfulness, tap into our intuition. We need to learn about the how, where, when, who and why with our relationship to food. Learn about meal timing and I don’t mean just when to eat carbs.  We need to learn about common sense portioning and how to put meals together for energy and a healthy body composition.  I don’t cut out things.  I balance them.   This is what cured me.

Most importantly I set a solid why.  It wasn’t I want to lose weight.   It was how do I want to be in 10 years and 20 years?  Where do I want to be and what am I doing?  How do I want to feel?  I connect myself to that.  I connect myself to that feeling.  Then I broke it down.  How do I get this feeling?  And how do I maintain it so when I am 70 I feel and look 15 years younger?

My Transformation is incredible because I never thought I could feel this good again.  I never thought I could love what I see in the mirror without a six pack.  But I do. At the beginning of this blog I mentioned dedication, determination and willpower.  I use it more now then I did in prep!  Learning how to eat with out a diet or meal plan takes self-control and a dedication to good health! Not easy.  I also put all that into my new goals!  It may not be for a six pack but I am more excited about my goals then ever before!

My passion is now helping other women do the same.  I don’t sell weight-loss.  I find it misleading and pointless.  Because if you don’t start finding that feeling and internal inspiration you will not maintain or never get to your goal!  You need to create habit change that sticks so you have a lifestyle not deadlines.

I sell happiness, energy, Harmony and ageless living.  Which in turn with patience, will get the outcomes you desire. I would much rather be happy, full of energy and productive in my life with Harmony then miserable and unhealthy (this could go either way!)  Remember leanness isn’t an indicator of health! You can be lean and be unhealthy with unhealthy habits.

You can have every thing you want.  You just need support, accountability and a system that is just for you! I want all women to see and share their greatness with the world.  Embracing their uniqueness and in turn giving other women hope of Ageless, happy living!

Big reason I started having a better relationship with food is using my Inspired Meal method that is a  part of my program THE INSPIRED METHOD.  If you want to get a glimpse of inspired eating click on the image and get a FREE copy of my e-book The Inspired Meal.

Click here to book a FREE call with me!  Let’s chop it up and see what is holding you back!

I hope you all one day see Transformation as more than a look.  See every stepping stone towards good health an accomplishment and acknowledge the greatness in that!

To your health,

Carmen Shawn